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Since MCO 1.0 happened last March, I finally brought myself to watch all 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix. I have now come to a realisation that there are some timeless TV shows out there, and most episodes in this sitcom do continue to hold themselves well even after a quarter of a century has passed by. Taking advantage of the recent 9.9 sales extravaganza, I managed to snag myself this Lego set for nostalgia’s sake.

Here is a little background about this set (21319). First released in 2019 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, it features a rather accurate recreation of the café TV studio set that comes packed with authentic details.

You just gotta love the amount of detail put into this set, and perhaps it is time for Gunther to finally get his dues with Rachel! After all, I can let my imagination run wild, can’t I?

There is also that part of me wondering whether I should simply keep it as it is in its pristine boxed condition, since BrickEconomy has forecasted an annual growth of 13% in the first year after its retirement once it is retired in 2022. Stil, I am keeping my fingers crossed that all 1,079 Lego bricks will find their proper place in the weeks to come!

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